Our mindset describes what we think how situations are and how we react from these thoughts. Moreover, it is our conviction in addition to the inner attitude towards others. The mindset results out of previous experiences. What we learned, how to live. It is, every time, a present part of our life. Being more aware of our mindset and change it if needed can help yourself in different terms. Within this article, I´ll explain the differences and give you some tips how to strengthen or change your mindset. The right mind can help you to get through downs and will even help you to get more ups in your life.

Growth vs. fixed mindset

The growth mindset was for the first time described by Carol Dweck. She made research with colleagues how failure impacts the pupils’ performance. Mostly the term was related to the growth of intelligence and learnings. The outcome from her research was that students who had a growth mindset behaved differently and therefore achieved goals more often. The students believed that they can go further. Therefore, they were more perseverant, and they knew they need to do something to archive it.

In general, growth mindset means you believe that you´re able to develop knowledge and talent over time. To give you a better picture, you can imagine the brain like a muscle, which grows as much as you learn and improve.

On the other hand, the fixed mindset describes that everything is set and you´re either talented in a field or not. No matter how hard you try. It´s all given by birth.

In today’s age of digitalization, everything can be different after only one year. What has actually changed in the world within the last year? How have you changed? Within the next some years, some positions are further developed or even completely abolished. New positions will be created instead. Do you want to change? Do you want to grow further? Nothing is set, you can change if you work hard enough on yourself.

Why is a growth mindset important?

  • First of all, it will help you business wise. With a growth mindset, it´s easier to take complex challenges. Instead of saying “No, this will never work”, you give it a try and you´re looking for other options to make it work. Think outside the box and even look into other areas where you can be inspired for yourself, for your work, for your business. You´ll be fascinated what´s actually possible if you say “Let´s do it.” For further information, look through the outcome of these studies.
  • It´s easier to suffer illness if you have in mind that it´ll be soon better. With a positive mind, you focus on the future, the better days and not the sickness. It´ll not be like a magic spell, but you´ll definitely see how much better and easier it´ll be.
  • Therefore, you´ll get a longer life. Positive thinking is even better than not smoking or exercising. By the way, all together it is for sure more recommended. The fact is, that you can stay healthier, which is proven in this study.

Ten tips to change

  1. Understand why you want to change. Be honest and don´t try to change because someone asked you to do so.
  2. Talk with friends or colleagues about it. Strengthen your opinion. Find people who have the right mindset. Let them inspire you.
  3. Go for the courage and not the fear. Try something out! Don´t be afraid of failure. You don´t want to be the sad person who says:”What if I had done or tried to do this?, What would I be now?”
  4. Be open, to others, to yourself and to new things. That´s the way to see and learn more. Books are studies are great. Go out and make your own experiences.
  5. Trust in yourself. You archived so much, why should the next step not work?
  6. Think step by step. Don’t set your goals too far. Small steps will help you to stay motivated.
  7. Have a vision. Where do you want to be? The vision should be somewhere in the future. Something worth fighting for.
  8. Be patient with yourself. You´ll not change overnight. Give yourself time and don´t be too hard to yourself.
  9. Learn! Find books, videos, conferences, mentors, …
  10. Be thankful for what you have.

And now? Start! Don´t wait till you read enough articles. There’s no need for being completely prepared. And don´t forget there’s no one out there with a 100% growth mindset. Every one of us is a mixture of both, but you can decide which of both should dominate.


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