How can I do something positive for those around me, my environment?

That´s the question I ask myself quite often. I´m not a moralizer and I definitely have my own weaknesses. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that if everyone works on themselves even a bit we would be able to avoid a lot of frustration, envy, suffering, fear and so on.

When you look back, who was the person or people who influenced you the most? What impressed you so much that it shaped you? For me, it was my older sister who shaped me and my life. Therefore, I certainly still carry one or the other characteristic of her in me. We can be so grateful to have such great people in our lives. Some of whom even unconsciously inspire you and make you a better person.

What does influencing mean?

First of all, there are different kinds of influencing people. Some of them are negative, furthermore I would like to distance myself strongly from them. For this reason, I will not discuss them any further.

Do you have siblings? Older ones, where you recognized that you adapted some parts of their behaviour? Younger ones, which wanted to be like you? Perhaps your father is an excellent cook and has led you to discover your joy of cooking too?

People don´t get influenced in their private life only but in business life as well. Within three different ways:

  • Upward influencing
  • Lateral influencing
  • Downward influencing

Upward and lateral influencing is the term used to refer to someone of equal or higher authority. Contrary to this, there’s downward influencing. I guess you can imagine that the first two are more difficult because they are not expected to follow your guidance.

The power of influencing

When everything is changing people need an orientation. Something they can believe in. Faith can give the power to create something even greater. It can take you out of sadness, fear and anger.

Some personalities can make you perform at your best. They can inspire you and make you a better self. On the other hand, what would be a company without a leader? I guess not only a bit chaotic. Please also watch this video, a talk about the importance of influence in leadership. I’m sure you would also agree with Tony Robbins, who, by the way, also has a really powerful way of expressing himself.

How can you influence positively?

Coming now to the most important part. How can you influence positively?

  • Believe and live it yourself: You need to believe in it. If you don´t do, why should someone else do it? A few years ago I started to think more positively. I walked the streets and became more aware of the world. What I want to do is to show others how beautiful the world can be. Not everything is bad. You just have to look more closely.
  • Communication: Try to communicate, explain what you´re thinking, why is it good? With communication, you can carry others along. You can inspire them.
  • Communicate at eye level: We´re all humans. Why should someone else’s way of living be better than yours? If you speak from the top down, very likely no one will follow you. Rather try to be sympathetic.
  • Give orientation: How can they improve? What have you done? Where do they need to start? Show how you do it!

Make the change...

…and start with yourself!

Use your power for something positive. Even if you don´t think someone sees or recognizes it. Imagine when the train is too late, and you need to wait. Keep calm and don’t adopt the behaviour from others who swear and are in a bad mood. Rather you can influence them with your positivity. Talk to them or just give them a smile. Use the time to buy a new book or try to meet new people. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the time you don´t need to do anything.

Not everyone will change and is inspirited by you. However, it is an impressive feeling when even one person adapts your positive quality.


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