Finding the right job can be exhausting, especially if the need for finding one increases. Sometimes it might feel like you are stuck in the wrong position, you want to develop yourself or something else doesn’t work anymore. Love it, change it or leave it! Reasons for looking for a new job can be various. […]
I’m back from the cave, feeling refreshed, educated and happy, with plenty of time on my hands. As you’ve guessed, I’ve just submitted my master thesis, so I can tell you more about the experience of writing it. We’ve also recently returned from Japan, where we attended the International Field Seminar (IFS). I have lots […]
It has been an exciting and busy two months since I last wrote about my experiences at ESMT. I have been learning a lot, both inside and outside the classroom, and I am excited to share all my new discoveries with you! From finding the right papers to participating in a business simulation and being […]
From the additional module in Portugal, I am now writing the summary for the last residency and some information about my experience with the Small Network Online Course or, in short, SNOCS. SNOCS Relatively at the beginning of the study, we were introduced to so-called SNOC´s. Cooperating universities offer individual courses to which students can […]
Our sixth residency is now over. It was a different kind of residency because it was not a normal class, but instead, the participation in the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM). The AOM is a professional association for management scholars and organizations founded in 1936. It publishes several academic journals, organizes conferences, […]
During the last few months, I have continued to study intensively. We had three modules to complete during that time, as well as some exams and submissions. Furthermore, the main part of the compulsory subjects, i.e. the subjects that are required and in which you are not allowed to fail, have been passed. Hooray! In […]
You know it, the tiredness in the morning from the sleepless night before. Maybe intentionally because you stayed awake for a long time, or simply because you could not sleep. The bags under your eyes in the morning also tell others what happened. The brain does not function properly and as quickly as usual. You […]
Some time has passed since my last update about the study period. I was and am deeply immersed in my books. Numerous other things have happened as well. In this time we had another residency, some group work and exams. But now let me start step by step. Recidency 2 In the second residency, everything […]
From Taylorism to the digitalization. These days, a lot has changed and needs to be changed. Days when you were demoralized for mistakes, where you were yelled at or even embarrassed. That’s over and done with. At least, I hope so. But are we already living it? Can each of you say that you live […]
Residency 1 The first week of my Executive MBA class ended last Saturday. Six days full of excitement, self-pressure, joy and learnings are over. But let me start at the beginning. Preparation After I was accepted into the program, (find a description of the application process in this article) I thought I could relax for […]