Exactly one year ago today, my MBA journey reached its conclusion. I vividly recall stepping into […]
I’m back from the cave, feeling refreshed, educated and happy, with plenty of time on my […]
It has been an exciting and busy two months since I last wrote about my experiences […]
From the additional module in Portugal, I am now writing the summary for the last residency […]
Our sixth residency is now over. It was a different kind of residency because it was […]
During the last few months, I have continued to study intensively. We had three modules to […]
Some time has passed since my last update about the study period. I was and am […]
Residency 1 The first week of my Executive MBA class ended last Saturday. Six days full […]
Today I would like to take you with me to my new journey. The first stage is over, now it's time to stay on track and gain experience.