You know it, the tiredness in the morning from the sleepless night before. Maybe intentionally because you stayed awake for a long time, or simply because you could not sleep. The bags under your eyes in the morning also tell others what happened. The brain does not function properly and as quickly as usual. You […]
Some time has passed since my last update about the study period. I was and am deeply immersed in my books. Numerous other things have happened as well. In this time we had another residency, some group work and exams. But now let me start step by step. Recidency 2 In the second residency, everything […]
From Taylorism to the digitalization. These days, a lot has changed and needs to be changed. Days when you were demoralized for mistakes, where you were yelled at or even embarrassed. That’s over and done with. At least, I hope so. But are we already living it? Can each of you say that you live […]
Residency 1 The first week of my Executive MBA class ended last Saturday. Six days full of excitement, self-pressure, joy and learnings are over. But let me start at the beginning. Preparation After I was accepted into the program, (find a description of the application process in this article) I thought I could relax for […]
Today I would like to take you with me to my new journey. The first stage is over, now it's time to stay on track and gain experience.
How can you do something positive for those around you? The tools of positive influencing.
Our mindset describes what we think how situations are and how we react from these thoughts. Moreover, it is our conviction in addition to the inner attitude towards others. The mindset results out of previous experiences. What we learned, how to live. It is, every time, a present part of our life. Being more aware […]
Creativity techniques are methods of collecting ideas that are intended to support easier idea generation, i.e. creativity. Whenever you have a goal, i.e. you want to achieve something, and you don’t know how, you can use them. This being said, it can be used in various activities. To highlight just a few, marketing can use […]
Don´t expect an article about the sense of life or something similar. I don´t want to spark a discussion about this. This can be an endless story. Rather I would like to empower you to look behind the scenes. Do you know this commercial of a well-known company where a diva asked some guys who […]
Who doesn´t know it? You know you need to do something but you´re not in the mood to actually do it. Or maybe it´s not you but your team has worked a lot the last some weeks. Next, you can see they have no power additionally no motivation anymore. The thrill is gone. First of […]