After thinking quite some time about what kind of content, my first article should be about. Finally, I came to a conclusion. Why not start with the foundation of all of us? It should remind everyone to look at themselves, reflect and be honest with themselves.

Let’s begin with my story and the explanation of values. Some years ago, the topic arose for me with a person mentioning the term values. The way how fussy I start already shows, I never paid much attention to the term “values” myself. The definition and the word were somehow present. Moreover, I knew what it meant, but that was all. Of course, I thought everyone has their values and the way of how to live them, but why should we talk about it? Why to compare? Either it fits or it doesn’t fit!

Over time, I started to look from a different perspective. That’s why I tried to learn more about my mindset. 

Let me ask you some questions:

What if you were meeting someone for a first date, and you were already comparing values? What if you were about to start a new job, and you first read through the company’s values? 

And what if you just want to stay true to yourself?

In the end, you’ll save yourself plenty of time, a lot of hassle, and you’ll keep your focus.

To say it in simple words, values are norms that you set for yourself, or companies for themselves. So, it is the degree of importance that can be defined for something.

What defines you?

Just to name a few: If you love to exercise daily, health may be one of your top five values. If you are passionate about painting pictures, creativity may be one of your most important values. For businesses, especially service providers, values related to the customer are common. Occasionally, your perspective may change, and other values may be more important for you. As an example, freedom may be the key value in your 20s, but family in your 30s. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind as long as you do it for yourself and not for a third party.    

Why is it necessary to not only focus on your values, but also to discuss them with your loved ones?

  • You’ll see that you’ll get your relationship to another level
  • Other people will know what is crucial for you 
  • You can recognize unhealthy relationships and end them
  • They can inspire you to work on some values more to get to a better self

If you want to start a new job, ask yourself about the company’s values. In case they don’t agree with yours, why should you be happy in that company for many years? How can you stay motivated after a few months if you don’t agree with the perception and the vision?

Sometimes it happens that a couple grows apart. Why does this happen? Either they never reached the point of really knowing the other personality in depth, or they changed their values. Consequently, they have two options on how to move forward. One would be to talk to each other, compromise, and try to understand each other. In addition, telling the other person why you fell in love, what you cared about at the beginning of the relationship. 

The other way would be to accept that some personal values no longer match.

Stand up, take a silent moment for yourself and write down your values. 

What is important to you? What do you want to be? And what are your goals for life? Do you want to change? Where do you want to stay yourself? Go back to your childhood and think about specific situations that might have shaped you.

A theoretical example

Supposing you go back in time, seeing yourself in front of the class. The teacher asks you a simple question. You know that the answer was simple, but you cannot recap the right answer. You just don’t know how. At that moment, your classmates are starting to laugh and call you stupid. This feeling and memories can be so intense that ambition could be the value that emerges as your lifetime goal. That’s why, you never want to be called like this again.

All of this is a process. You won’t find your values in ten minutes. It will take hours, days or weeks of rethinking. And after years, you will see that some things will change. But I can promise you, you will learn more about yourself, about your soul and be able to grow within yourself. 

Your values define who you are and who you want to be. It is your existence.  


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